Sunday, March 17, 2002


Spent the morning working on the digital photo album I hope to upload sometime this week; scanning, cropping, rotating,, resizing...

TJ and I wandered up to Manuka and had breakfast (at lunchtime) at Verve. I'd been waiting for an opportunity to check the place out as we'd put pretty much all of the cafes in Kingston on our shitlist for one reason or another (bad food, bad service generally) & so needed to find a new place for weekend breakfasts and I'm happy to say that we were seen to quickly and our orders came out in a reasonable time and were hot and we didn't get any attitude from the staff.

Afterwards we wandered up to a music shop; I picked up "Gorillaz" and the very funky "After the Playboy Mansion" (follow on from "A Night at the Playboy Mansion") by Dimitri from Paris.

Saturday Night

Many thanks to Kat & Chris for their hospitality last night; I had a great time. There was a joy lamb roast with all the veges plus some added extras, perfect gravy, red wine flowing, and to finish it all off cheese, fruit and chocolate creme brule. We got to meet Phil and Liz, talked over the relative merits of Sydey vs Canberra from a lifestyle perspective and played 1980's Trivial Pursuit until 3 in the morning. In contrast to the night before, last night I slept like a really really tired baby (with help from the red wine and Pims & lemonade).

This evening we'll be at Filthys (where else would we be, really), but before then I have to tidy up the place & grab a few things down at Woden.

It's a great day outside, go do something!

Posted by Dean @ 3/17/2002 12:28:00 pm

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