Tuesday, March 19, 2002


St Pats day. The original plan was to have a few people in the pub early to claim real estate, and to have tshirts made, but as with most of our impulsive plans it wasn't acted on early enough & we all pretty much lost interest.

I headed down to Woden with the intention of looking for basic things like socks & jocks, but instead came home with music & a new cap. I'm working towards having a whole bunch of different coloured caps completely by accident; I just like em...

So we convene at the pub at 6, and the crowd wasn't half as bad as I'd expected. Nick & the rest of the Filthys crew had organised things really well & had a whole bunch of tables & chairs set up out in the carpark so things weren't too crowded inside.

Crazy moments include: Tyson swapping his sunglasses for an old-man-driving-hat, then running around the pub later trying to find the guy to swap the hat back, everyone serenading Ms S with "You're just too good to be true", everyone running around and around the bench seats until the bouncers got agro with us, someone yelling out "all change in the ashtray" & the group collecting about $70 in change that immediately went to a round of scotch & dry's for everyone, loud sing-alongs, yelled conversations with Backblast and Philbo and wandering home at about 2am.


Hurrah #1 = no hangover! Hurrah #2 = Canberra Day public holiday!

I think I spent the morning scanning more photos. I don't remember because the rest of the day really really outshines the morning.

Late morning Lou calls & I wander up the road to meet Tyson, Olivia and Lou for breakfast (no one else made it). This time we went with the Turkish place on the corner of Green Square. I really wish I could remember the name of the place because they deserve an endorsement; we got great motherly service and the food was great.

After scaring away some of the other patrons someone had a stroke of genius & suggested boats, so we headed back to Lou's place, changed & slopped on the sunscreen and went paddleboating on the lake for an hour. Tell you what, after half an hour you're having fun, but after an hour your butt really starts to hurt.

As we came back into dock, we spotted some people riding tandem bikes, so after we'd docked & had our bottles of water and pine-lime splices (the best combination of ice-block and icecream ever) we headed up to Mr (grumpy ass) Spokes' Bike Hire. He wouldn't hire us two of the family bikes, so we went with the tandem bikes & rode around for an hour or so, stopping up at the National Museum for more icecream and lemonade.

Why stop there, we thought, and so off we went post-bike-ride for some fish & chips from the joy fish & chip shop at the O'Conner shops, Flatheads Cafe. We ordered two "meals for two" and ended up with more food than we could eat. Fish, potato scallops, calamari, octopus bits, chips, salads; so good, so much.

How to top off a day where too much activity couldn't be enough? You guessed it, bowling. Bowling at Belconnen on a Monday night is a scary thing. We ignored all the serious league bowlers and just played three crazy games, singing and dancing along with the 80's/90's compilation CD they were playing after every frame.

Back to Tyson's afterwards, just in time for Sex and the City and the invention of new swear words. After Olivia dropped Lou & I home (we're all south-siders, Tyson's in Belconnen) I hit the sack & was out almost immediately. After dreaming for what seemed like eight hours, I woke to find it'd only been two and a half (don't you hate when that happens). Managed to sleep the rest of the night in one stretch tho.

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