Monday, March 11, 2002

Today was a pretty average day - went to a couple of presentations in the morning, a section meeting in the afternoon and then partially dealth with a last-thing-in-the-afternoon tasking & so stayed back until just past 6 tonight.

So now for a bit of a weekend retrospective:


After the Chilean movie I came home & started scanning my big box of photos in order to make an online photo albumn like I've been talking about since I moved here. Cin had invited me to the Skyfire show but to be honest fireworks shows don't impress me anymore. I mean really cmon, they go up, they explode, and sometimes they're different colours; its been done. So I decided to be productive before I was to meet the collective at the pub at 10. I haven't decided yet whether to release the photos as the batches are done or if I should wait until they're all done & put em all up at once...


The breakfast regulars were all off doing something social elsewhere, so I pottered around at home before heading over to the Bus Depot Markets with Ms S and some friends of hers from Sydney. Had sushi and made contorted wasabi faces to great amusement from everyone but myself.

On the way home I stopped by the video shop. I couldn't believe it; they didn't have Mr Smith Goes to Washington, so I had to get something else for Must-see Movie night. I thought I'd get something to watch that afternoon too, but when I got to the counter I was told that for $3 more I could get 4 more weekly movies, so I ended up leaving with Goodbye Mr Chips, the original Fantasia (I already own Fantasia 2000), Primary Colours, and a couple of movies on movies: The Muse and The Player. I ended up getting Braveheart for Tuesday night I'll have to go sign up at the video shop at Manuka & see if they've got a better selection, they're cheaper too I'm told.

I came home & fell asleep watching Fantasia, but did some cleaning up and ironing in front of The Player, The Muse and Primary Colours. I took a couple of panadol & went to bed halfway through Primary Colours as I had a really really bad headache; too many movies I guess.

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