Wednesday, April 03, 2002

A change is as good as a holiday

Last year the Must-See Movies attracted at least a couple of visitors each week, but this year everyone seems to have something on Tuesday nights, so I need to have a think about when I'm going to do it.

I extended my rental of Ghandi for another week as I only got to watch the first half on the weekend, and had intended to watch it last night, but while on the phone to Lou I was invited out to dinner with herself, Richard, Chris and Kat, so I accepted.

As we'd had a good dinner there last week, we went around to Vasco's on Giles St again. The gang had heard good things about the 'Meat Platter for two' aka 'Big bucket o' Meat', and were considering it again, but then we noticed the 'Big bucket o' Seafood' which had King Prawns, Octopus, Fish cakes, Seafood skewers, Sardines and sliced potatos and salad for only $3 more than the 'Big bucket o' Meat'! I couldn't finish my half, but after a break I attempted the Creme Caramel and was victorious.

As always, we progressed to the pub, but only for a few beverages before returning to Kat & Chris' place for The West Wing. Last night's episode was another featuring flashbacks and in the breaks we got to talking over how they might've filmed them. I suggested they probably used filters as the flashbacks had a washed-out look and someone else suggested they filmed the flashback scenes at the start of the season so the actors only had to do one hair/style change (ie CJ's hair) but in retrospect that's probably done with wigs. If anyone knows anything about the behind-the-scenes production of The West Wing we'd really like to hear from you.

Posted by Dean @ 4/03/2002 06:52:00 pm

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