Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Ah, the post-budget day. I still had work to do but nothing incredibly urgent, so the day past by exactly how I'd planned it to.


Spend the morning trying to tackle some last minute resourcing questions as it was budget day and everyone was going mental. Managed to put the information seeker on to the information owner and got out of the office & over to the job interview I had just before lunch.

I think I did pretty well, although the panel were hard to read. The guy running the panel was someone I'd worked for back in 2000 and then provided some resource advice again last year, so that was good for relaxing me so I could speak normally and not have any of that don't-know-the-panel crap going on. I think I only buggered up one question and had a few thing jump into my head afterwards ("Doh, should've told them that!") but overall I think I was successful. I got told today that they've already contacted one of my referees, so that's a good sign.

Afterwards I had lunch with Tyson & Brett and then came back to the office for a while and used the slow time to do some shredding and filing that had been piling up. Jeff stopped by for a chat & then I made a few phone calls & expected to get out of there at normal time, but got caught by the Branch-head & so had to talk about a few issues for about a half an hour before I could go.

On the way home from work Ross & I got some takeaway & came back to my place for some Simpsons and Playstation. After he'd headed off I napped and watched some docos before The West Wing which was on later than usual due to a Nightline budget special - thus making me sleep in this morning.


Really not much to say for Monday. I was really busy, got my work done, got some reading for the interview done and that's about it

Actually, something did happen. I went to the post office to send away my rent cheque and send some books home for the family, and actually encountered a friendly helpful post office worker - I was shocked. I asked her how her day had been & was told that the moon was making everyone crazy. I told her that she wasn't the only one saying this, and the look of relief that came over her was amazing. She said people normally looked at her like a nutcase when she talked about the moon & I told her that I had a pagan friend and that was entirely normal - she seemed pretty happy to hear that.


Up at the normal time & called home to talk to Mum, who'd already headed out for the day. Instead I talked to my Dad about the new band he's putting together to do casual pub gigs around Brisbane as a hobby thing & told him about the video clip I'd downloaded (found here) that could have gone well in their repertoire.

Mid-morning I headed up to Manuka for a special Mothers Day breakfast with Simone. We sat in the cafe across from Minque (My Cafe?) and watched people go past like they were in a people-arium.

Afterwards we met up with Ross & did some basic grocery shopping down at the mega-Coles. They hired a carpet cleaning machine, so I spent the afternoon helping them do the carpets because I really didn't have much else to do.

In the evening Ross went off to see his gf's friend Jane, Simone went to meet some people who were inviting her to join their coven (she was very excited and I hear it turned out well) and I went home & watched tv.

All in all a pretty relaxing weekend.

Posted by Dean @ 5/15/2002 08:40:00 pm

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