Thursday, May 09, 2002

Elsewhere recently...

Watching the West Wing when you can see the Capitol out the window is way cooler!  John Travolta was on my plane: Mad Rooter!  This city has an energy of quiet determination about Sept 11.  Quite scary.  The whole city exudes power that is palatable, irrespective of your view on America.  I will jerk off in the plane toilet to join the solo mile high club.  Love, T.bone

Dudes, Currently sitting in the BA Club in Copenhagen after a very rapid trip to Denmark.  We had a star-studded lunch where we met the Prime Minister, Deputy PM, Minister of Culture and Greenland Chief Minister.  Went to the Tivoli and then a pub where hookers tried to pick me up, I sure can pick 'em!  I fly down to Africa tonight for some hot safari action.  Keep a beer cold and I will see you all soon.  T-bone.

Weapon of Choice

1 pint VB and 1 pint Caffreys = around $9
1 Ham & Pineapple pizza = $9
The looks on peoples faces when the first thing they see on entering the pub is Ross & I playing chess = priceless

If anyone's up for a game on Yahoo over the weekend, let me know.

Posted by Dean @ 5/09/2002 09:50:00 pm

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