Sunday, May 05, 2002


Wandered down to an ATM and ran into a colleagues boyfriend. Told there's a computer market on down at the bus depot markets (one block away). Decide to go have a look. What do I find?


First thought: "Here's a hypothesis for testing: IT causes obesity". This was disproven by further observation that IT would also have to have a causal link with thin, pale men choosing to wear t-shirts with computer game logos or the same man-children opting to be dressed by their mothers with the assurance that they'd "grow into it one day" and women in leggings and oversized t-shirts and I'm sure there's plenty of them out in the suburbs who've never touched a PC.

Quick tip: Don't get between nerds and IT parts. I was shoved twice and challenged one socially-deficient type when it happened a third time: Shove. "Hey settle down, there're plenty of bits & pieces for everyone" Mr Socially-incapable looks at his shoes and walks away quickly. Made me think of Milton from Office Space.

Lesson learnt: Computer markets are only to be visited with cash and an intention to buy; they are not for browsing.

Wandered home past the newsagent, picked up some magazines, a paper and headed home. Got a message, dropped the reading material off at home and headed back to The Durham to meet Richard and Louise and helped them finish off their breakfast platters.

Wandered home & read. Spent the afternoon with Olivia; we went & saw John Q which was ok, but a bit too much like The Negotiator. We'd gone looking for a comedy but there was nothing - looks like we're in the lull before the storm of Spiderman and Attack of the Clones.

After the movie we met up with Lou & Richard and Kat & Chris at the pub for maybe a half hour before renting Josie and the Pussycats (worth it just for the extra feature of boy band De Jour singing "Backdoor Lover") and Dude, Where's My Car?.

Around 10.30 we wandered over to Kat & Chris' place to drink wine, hang out, play PS2 and listen as Louise put together her own "Singin' with the Oldies" compilation with the resident vinyl collection. I went home to bed when she went into a Nick Cave triple-play.

Posted by Dean @ 5/05/2002 11:47:00 am

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