Sunday, May 05, 2002

So I've been busy. Deal with it.


Richard is going away on Tuesday, so we had dinner at Louises place. Everyone was dressed up with the intention of hitting Kingston post-dinner for a big night, but something happened during dinner (I don't know what - people just got drowsy) and so all that happened was that Ms S, Olivia and I went up for one drink at Filthys and then went home. I think I was asleep by11.30.


- Reports to the Minister
- Finalising job applications
- Rush home, rush to supermarket, cook dinner

Dinner's actually worth mentioning; I took a gamble and mixed friends and it went really well.

From Group 1: Cynan, Adam and Blythe
Group 2: Ross
Group 3: Kat
(Group sequence should not be read to mean that I like Group 1 more than 2 or 3, I like all my friends the same - I shouldn't have to write this but people get sensitive so I thought I'd make it clear.)

When the one vegetarian on the guestlist pulled out I quickly changed menus and went for the meat, vegetables, onion-and-garlic-laden, good-for-winter hearty pasta-bake. Guests arrived one at a time with 5-10 minutes between arrivals. I cooked, people chatted.

You don't need to know what we talked about or who thought what of who; all you need to know is that four bottles and a couple of hours later everyone went home satisfied.


- Reports to the Minister
- Accompanying PR fact sheet
- Meetings bumped
- More work


After work headed down to Filthys to watch Nic the Publican on Wheel of Fortune. All the regulars and friends were down the front of the pub near the tv; the people down the back looked on strangely wondering if everyone watching tv game shows were the norm in this pub, especially when the crowd started cheering Nic and booing the other contestants.

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