Tuesday, July 30, 2002


Flash Party Alert

Monday has developed a new feature. With people away over the weekend, the act catching up over a pint after work and before dinner is becoming popular, and with good reason; it's fun, and we have almost the whole pub to ourselves.

This week dinner was generously produced by Emma. We had a delicious chicken curry that thankfully wasn't too spicy. There was beer, there was wine, there was ice cream and screaming at the television. Of course no flash party would be complete without toys (sticky dart guns and slinkys) and balloons with whistles that you blow up & let fly around the room.



Today I felt really busy, but only managed to finish off one thing. I'm getting annoyed at how Dave B was given the task of coordinating our Branch contribution to the Annual Report, but everyone keeps bugging me about it. I'm also annoyed my Branch head knows what's going on with my primary project, but is holding off telling me until tomorrow. I'm annoyed that I have to do an interview tomorrow (although it will be good practice) when I don't care if I get it or not. I'm annoyed that the other mob haven't called about the job process I went for in March. I just seem to be getting annoyed by a whole bunch of stuff at work at the moment and I don't know if I'll make it to my October holiday before verbally biting someone's head off.*

That said, I'm very happy that my mum has finally joined the modern age and has gotten her very own e-mail address.

I'm also happy that Jimmy S is back in-country and is getting over the health issues. Dude - we're all looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Enjoy Queensland!

Going to the gym after work helped me vent, so I'll have to go back later in the week, which I can do now that Ms S cancelled her Imbolc festivities.

Funny how sometimes things just fall into place.

* - Jem: Yeah I know this rant goes against what we talked about the other night - but at least it's not a regular thing.

Posted by Dean @ 7/30/2002 09:12:00 pm

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