Tuesday, July 09, 2002


Baby remember my name: Fame. It was bring-a-friend night at Thursday nights performance of Fame at the Street Theatre. With Olivia as Grace "Lamb Chops" Lamb (a drummer) and Emma in the chorus almost every pub regular came out to clap and cheer.

I don't know about everyone else but I had no idea what to expect. I'd seen some amateur theatre before and, well, it was amateur - I'm all for it though, don't get me wrong. Well, I've gotta say, this production blew me away. The orchestra was tight and the cast were all really talented, even though a couple of the younger-looking chorus members had looks on their faces like they'd rather be someplace else. Mind you, they'd been doing the same show nightly, and with matinee's, for about two weeks, so who can blame 'em.

After the show we returned to Filthys to congratulate and catch up with Olivia and Emma, who we hadn't seen in weeks what with rehersals and shows and all. Someone decided that it had become "Stay-Young Thursday" and started ordering rounds of shots...


I think I went home around 2.30am, and managed to go into work that day, tired & irritable, but there and vaguely productive; I did the filing that'd been backing up. I pulled the plug at 3 and headed down to Woden to pick up a Secret Santa present (had to be under $5) for the Christmas in July party the following night. While there I also hooked up with Cynan, Suz and Adam for Men in Black 2 , which was ok for a light action / comedy.

After the movie it was back to the pub for one (we were keen to play soccer the next morning - even though the weather didn't look like clearing). A few "where are you?" phone calls later I was at the McCracken residence for a quiet night in in front of the box. Let's Get Skase; I slept through most of it and I don't regret it.


Mother Nature was kind; the weather cleared overnight and presented us with perfect, if windy, conditions for a not-so-relaxed go at the world game that we now call the Happy Christmas Professor Ovington 1970 Cup Plate Shield Premiership League competition.

With the news that Tooheys were now official sponsors, the teams in red and in white took the field a few regulars down, but a few newcomers up - so it turned out to be the Best Turnout Ever.

Game result - Red Team 1, White Team 0 - hurrah!

As per tradition, post-game it was off to the pub for a small imbibing of vitamin b(eer). When it would normally be time for a group breakfast at The Durham, the group fragmented - preparation time had begun.

I came home to test out some software that's meant to record streaming media (Radio National was having the first of two Harry Potter quizes) but returned when the call of bacon & eggs became too strong.

{Fast forward a few hours - you don't need detail on the bit where I went down to Woden again looking for the Xanadu soundtrack for Big Kev}


All tuxed up, I headed down a flight of steps, around a corner, walked a few metres and into Louises place for Christmas dinner. To explain to northern hemispheric readers, down here in Oz someone thought that it'd be easier to start a trend of having Christmas parties in our winter (now) than it would be to rewrite Christmas carols about having Christmas in summer.

Anyway, the turkey was roasting away happily in the Webber and the whole table was covered in festive decorations, complete with presents at each setting (I got a frosted ceramic clock thingy with a pink dragon on top), all sitting below blue baubles hanging from silver tinsel. There was beer, there was champaigne, there was Shiraz and lots of it. Dinner was nothing less than a feast. There was so much food that there was enough left over that the six revellers still partying at 5am could have a second dinner, in the spa, which they did.

There were speeches, there was singing and dancing and I think we went through about four rolls of film on my camera alone. I don't know what time I passed out on the couch, but I do remember it was about 5.30am when I managed to climb the steps back to my place and crawl into bed...


I went and did a damage assessment around 11am; I crept into Louises place to find bodies strewn all over the floors. I crept out again, went and rented Spy Game, Rat Race and Training Day (I couldn't handle any serious movies with more than two words in the title) and crashed on the couch for the afternoon. Kelly came & kept me company.

We caught up with most of the gang around 3pm for breakfast at The Durham (they do a good all-day breakfast and the service staff there are the best in Kingston) and found some still in the black-tie gear from the night before.


Photos may be available when I get my camera and rolls of film back from Louises place, but there will be heavy censorship, for I doubt the world wants to discover how T-bone got his nickname.

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