Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Melbourne was pretty good on the balance of things. Seeing my sisters and extended family was good, but flying with a developing cold and then staying in a house of smokers probably didn't help the cold situation. Yesterday I felt worse than I had in days but today seems to be an improvement.


I don't know if it's most people in Melbourne or just my relatives; they stay up really late, so then don't get up until around lunchtime. This really messed with my sleep pattern - I wanted to get up & go do stuff (only being in town for 48 hours or so I wanted to make the most of it) but everyone was asleep.

Once up and about my two sisters, my cousin Ben & I headed into town to look around; Daimaru (large Japanese department store) was having a closing down sale so I went in search of a housewarming present for my sister Z who's recently moved to Melbourne. I didn't find anything there, but I did see comic Rachael Berger. Moved on & out to find lunch; we wandered down Swanston St and settled on The Lounge which I think'd be a pretty cool hang-out if I lived in Melbourne - it had a really relaxed casual vibe about it. The continuing hunt for a housewarming present took us to Myer/Grace Bros where we settled on a microwave, which was handy as Z was cooking dinner that night & hadn't defrosted the chicken before leaving the house, so it got cooking as soon as it was out of the box.

That night Z cooked up a laksa that was really really good. Our uncle came over and the four of us sat & chatted & quaffed wine while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and generally being stupid. It was spooky getting into work and seeing this quote on my desk calendar

"Nothing is so soothing to our self-esteem as to find our bad traits in our forebears. It seems to absolve us."
- Van Wyck Brooks

Now I'm not saying I saw my bad traits in my uncle, it was great just hanging out and revelling in our family craziness for a night.


Up at what was normal for me, but way way early for the relatives, and off to the airport for a 10am flight. When I got into Canberra I dumped my bags at home & went for a walk for the paper & ran into Kat, Richard and Louise and had some breakfast with them. Home again to crash on the couch in front of Shallow Hal and snooze for a bit before heading over to Kat & Chris' for a teen movie marathon & saw The Breakfast Club and Can't Hardly Wait before switching over to some Grand Theft Auto 3 carnage.


New photo's now uploaded.


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