Saturday, December 28, 2002


Shot into town & wandered around the new Dymocks on the corner of Edward & Queen sts - very cool - new bookstore in a classy old building and even though I spent about an hour browsing no staff annoyed me with offers of help - I like that.

Around half two people began arriving for Dads annual muso jam session. Every year Dad calls the people he used to play in bands with and they spend an arvo & night playing & chatting & it's always a good night. We covered the deck with a tarp which kept the rain off the downstairs area well enough.

Later in the night Carl came around & we hung around at home for the dinner spread that the ladies put on before heading over to West End to visit the Captain where we all sat around shooting the breeze on techie shit, movies & tv and generally being pretty geeky.

Posted by Dean @ 12/28/2002 06:31:00 pm

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