Friday, December 13, 2002

After going a bit stir-crazy I pulled the plug on work around 4.30. The office was really quiet, but there was this feeling like it was the last week of school and everyone was just bursting to get out of there. Wierd.

T-bone's birthday party down a Louise's place was fun; music, drinks, bucket of KFC and an ice cream cake! Some time between 8 and 9 we wandered down to Meiso and Filthys. After drinking 90% of a bottle of cheap red at the party I decided that it was my turn for a night in the Bundy room. It didn't turn out too bad; I had cool chats with Charlotte and Little Pete, I don't remember what time I got home and while I'm not exactly spritely this morning I'm not too shabby either.

Once I finish this I'm going to pack the radio, sunscreen and petanque set into a bag and wander down to Telopea Park for a Christmas BBQ with my old workmates.

Here's to "unspecified purposes" leave days in certified agreements!

Posted by Dean @ 12/13/2002 10:45:00 am

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