Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Canberra Fire Crisis - Day 4

The winds have picked up and the warnings have gone out for the northern suburbs. At least the smoke has cleared somewhat. There are reports of a fire to the north of the ACT moving from west to east. The good news is that the BOM is now predicting an easterly change, which should push the fires back on themselves.

Rumour-control is becoming important now. With no news of actual fires, ABC Canberra (now streaming live online) is filling air-time debunking rumours that various parts of the ACT are on fire.

Other rumours are starting to circulate too; word around town has it that the going rate for rental properties is going up. More rental listings come out tomorrow, so I'm going to do a comparison with last Wednesday's listings. Any real estate agents profiteering from this should be publicly shamed.

Posted by Dean @ 1/21/2003 06:36:00 pm

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