Friday, April 04, 2003

NZ Holiday - Day 1 - Dunedin

If I ever have to travel with small children, I'm sedating them before we get on the plane. There were two boys, must've been two or three years old, running up & down the aisle of the plane screaming. I'm just thankful that it wasn't a long-haul flight.

When I stepped off the plane in Dunedin yesterday, the first thing I noticed was how similar it was to stepping off a plane at Canberra airport; no sign of civilisation anywhere, just an airfield surrounded by paddocks & hills (except the hills are a lot bigger & steeper). The air smells a bit different, and the weather today is like Canberra in the winter, but apart from that this place could be a smaller version of Canberra.

It's becoming a bit of a family history trip. I'm staying in the house my mother and her siblings grew up in & there are so many photos. I had no idea who most of the people were until my late grandfather's sisters came up to the house this morning. Turns out the place'd been built in 1890 and at least three generations have lived in it, though generations four and five have dropped in every so often.

Besides myself & the uncle who lives there at the moment, my mum and an uncle & aunt & their three kids (7, almost 5 and 2) are staying in the house; it's a madhouse with the three little ones running, screaming & jumping all over the place. I'd forgotten adults become furniture when there're kids around. I've picked up some jigsaw puzzles for them in an attempt to buy a bit more peace around the place, but I don't think they'll hold their short attention spans very well. Ah well, at least I have the discman.

Posted by Dean @ 4/04/2003 01:52:00 pm

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