Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sunday 06 Apr 2003


Very wet day. Dad arrived with the campervan & we headed out to the airport to pick up my sister in the afternoon before heading off on the campervan adventure. What will we see? Where will we go? Will we kill each other? Only time will tell.

Travelled through Central Otago up to Wanaka & camped just outside of town. Lots to see on the way - there's a bucketload of orchards. One roadside fruit & vege stall had the biggest pumpkins I've ever seen - I'd say the smallest ones were at least 3' by 3'. Stall vendor said they taste like shit, so no mega-soups coming up.

Saturday 05 Apr 2003


Spent the day up at the house most of the day but ventured out to walk the kids down to Chingford Park so they could burn off some energy. Didn't quite work - the two year old slept the whole time we were there and then was up late. The bottle of Chivas Regal came in handy that night.

Friday 04 Apr 2003


Escaped from the kids & headed into town for a wander around. The main street here could be the main street in any place this size (pop about 110,000) with the same burger chains, department stores and souvenier / postcard shops.

Went out on the town tonight with one of my cousins who is a uni student here. I wasn't expecting much from the Dunedin nightlife, but I have got to say that there was a real buzz around town. A high proportion of the population here are young uni students so there are lots of pubs & bars around. The Otago Highlanders win tonight might've had something to do with it too.

We headed out to the student pub The Captain Cook first, played some pool with some Brit backpackers, then headed into the Octagon in the centre of town to The Terrace (a sports bar with the biggest projection screen I've ever seen) and Pop (a lounge bar - same as every lounge bar in Canberra, and I guess anywhere else). Further down the street we got into KC's just before the door staff began stopping the crowd outside. A lot of the pubs & clubs have relatively early licences, so the punters head to KC's because it's open the longest (or so I'm told).

When the night was over, I was surprised to find that in Dunedin when you wave for a taxi it will stop - that never happens at home.

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