Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Sunday 13 April 2003


We drove back down to Takaka and a bit of a diversion: Harward's Hole. Our little shooting location guidebook told us that as well as being home to the largest sinkhole in the southern hemisphere (15m wide, 176m deep), the forest surrounding the hole was used as a location in Fellowship of the Ring, so we decided to go take a look. The forest doubled for Chetwood Forest, where Aragorn leads the Hobbits as they're pursued by the Black Riders. As soon as you're far enough along the walking track that you can't see the carpark anymore, stop and just look around & listen - it's really quite spooky.

Saturday 12 April 2003


We bypassed St Arnaud and headed north for Farewell Spit, the most northerly point you can get to on the South Island. This part of the island is a lot like Central Otago - lots & lots of orchards around. Up past Takaka there isn't much besides a bunch of crafty type shops and B&Bs, so we got to Cape Farewell with enough time to do the walk through some coastal farmland & on to the beach.

We got into the Pohara Beach Holiday Park just on dark & wasted no time setting up. There's nothing like a long hot shower and a kitchen to cook in when you've been on the road for a couple of days. This is why I don't go camping - I need the modern comforts. Got to watch TV too - the second or third last X Files was on - it was the one where the Lone Gunmen bow out of the series (they die).

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