Monday, July 07, 2003

Weekend Update

Looking back on it, I should have known that Cliffy's birthday weekend would've been a big one. Any hope I had of a quiet one were clearly flawed from the outset.


I wanted a quiet night in. I hadn't planned to go to the 'Crooked Cops & Cunning Criminals' party, but after a few quiet drinks & some takeaway Japanese at the pub with some of the gang I was convinced. "Come along," they said, "and if it's shit or you're still not in the mood you can just go home. We'll probably come back with you." How could I argue with that? So off we went; Cliffy got the Vodka, I got the mixers & Liz got the cab.

So now I have to say a big thankyou to Dude, Fabs, Toff & Juzzy for hosting a kick-ass theme party. There were heaps of people, most of them costumed (which is the norm in Canberra, from my experience anyway, but is pretty unusual in other capitals so I'm told) and everyone seemed to be in the party mood. It was infectious; before long I was happily mingling and jumping around in front of the DJ along with everyone else in the crowded dance floor (lounge room). I vaguely remember getting home around three. I'm reliably informed that there were at least a couple of people who woke up on the lounge floor sometime mid-Saturday morning, one of whom was still wearing handcuffs because they didn't have the key. So hello to the cat burgular crew, to the embassy interns, to the self-confessed geek chick (unix admin whose passion is gettin down when a decent DJ comes to town and basically hello to everyone there for being cool & making it a great party.


The day was spent on what was perhaps the worst turn out for Saturday soccer that we've ever seen (a whole three people showed - the kickabout was fun, but hardly as vigorous as we'd hoped), more successful darts at the pub and a shopping expedition for one of our number to experience & exploit the wonders of multi-angle capable DVDs. After a few hours kip, it was back to the pub for more birthday capering. To be honest there wasn't much capering to be had; besides putting up with the crap covers band at the pub, all that really happened was the usual amount of overconsumption and Liz lapdancing some more strangers in the booth. I left at what I thought was about 2am, but when I got home it turned out to be 4.20am.


Needless to say I had a really good sleep-in & didn't get out of bed 'till around 11.

While I was waiting in the line to buy a ticket for Charlies Angels: Full Throttle (yeah 'a' ticket; my date got committed to study, but I wanted to see the movie regardless) an old guy, an anonymous good samaritan, came up to me and asked me what movie I was seeing, and then just handed over a ticket and disappeared into the crowd before I knew what'd happened. He didn't ask for any money, and I spent a few minutes looking around the foyer and the foodcourt for him to thank him properly and pay him for the ticket, but I couldn't find him.

So thanks anonymous old guy - the movie was great! If you liked the first Charlie's Angels, you'll love the second. There's more of everything; more wire stunts, more one-liners, more gratuitous skin shots, more cameos. If you're just after a bit of fun at the movies, get to this one.

We wound up the weekend with a really good dinner at La Rustica.

I'm going to have to have a quiet fortnight; my wallet can't take much more of this.


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