Saturday, July 10, 2004

Got wood?

[Music / Sex]

"Being a comic ain't like bein' no singer. 'Cause singers get all the pussy."
- Eddie Murphy, Delirious
Following a highly successful publicity stunt, Tommy Holm Ellingsen and his partner Leona Johansson say that they're not going to be paying their fines. The stunt? Live sex on stage in front of an audience of thousands during a music festival in Norway this week.
"We're idealists, call us 'environmental radicals,'" Ellingsen said. "Porn is just a means of reaching our goals."
Evidently not content to just rock out, the members of the band The Cumshots also run a porn site to generate money for rainforest preservation groups.

[via this Metafilter post]

Over to you gentle readers; is there any issue that would get you to have sex in public?

Posted by Dean @ 7/10/2004 05:33:00 pm

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Any issue? Oh, a bottle of vodka and a bad attitude would get me to have sex in public. Oh, I think I misunderstood the question.

Posted by Blogger Matty @ Tuesday, July 13, 2004 11:47:00 am #
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