Sunday, February 13, 2005

40,000 Canberrans Get Together for Lunch, Dinner, Dancing Lots of Beer

National Multicultural Festival 2005 21/27
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[] According to today's Canberra Sunday Times, approximately 40,000 people headed into Civic for the Food & Dance Spectacular part of the 2005 National Multicultural Festival yesterday. I doubt whichever small-minded prick defaced this bus stop in Fyshwick with a 'White Pride' sticker could muster that sort of support.

Over the course of the afternoon I discovered the joys of Tibetan momos (meat dumplings) and Ghanian chicken & peanut soup & banana cakes. I also rediscovered the good things Russians can do with meat on sticks & in bread, and acquired a new stein (full of reliable German beer of course). As it was, almost every stall was selling beer, and it was selling well.

Eating, watching several performances and enjoying the mouth-watering aromas of all of the food that wafted by was a bloody good way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Seeing brooding black clouds approaching later in the evening, I made a well-timed escape just before a big thunderstorm hit.

More photos can be found here & The RiotACT's observations are here.

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