Monday, February 14, 2005

Storm in a Box


I feel it had a certain train wreck appeal to it that made it almost mesmerising.

In the same way that when you drive past a train that has de-railed, smashed into a school bus then ploughed into an RSPCA pound for stray and really cute kittens before grinding to a bloody halt in a nursing home on orphan visiting day, this film is truly terrible as well.

But by god, everyone would slow down and gawk in disbelief and say "Oh my god, that is awful".

This is where the true genius lies in this modern sadomasochistic masterpiece.
- Capt Roger on the 3 hour endurance event that was Category 6: Day of Destruction. When I read this today, I was glad to have stuck with NCIS.

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Posted by Dean @ 2/14/2005 08:52:00 pm

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