Thursday, February 03, 2005

Vicarious Travel & Speculation Abounds on the Housewives

[] If you can't be travelling through Africa or India, or aren't planning a european trip like some of my mates are, perhaps you'll be satisfied with watching a bunch of Americans ignore the beautiful locations and local cultures they pass through as they try & out-do each other for $1m on The Amazing Race. How excited am I that a new series kicked off this week? Very. I was hoping the two jewish guys would do better than being booted in the first stage, but that'll just give us another episode or two to yell at the entrepreneur couple and laugh at the wrestlers. No midgets this time around unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be enough to take our minds off this f*cking crazy cold snap we're having.

Desperate Housewives turned out to be a lot better than I expected too. I reckon I'll be tuning in again to find out what's going on now that the facade of nice peaceful suburban living has been ripped down. So what did the dead woman do to get that letter & why is her widowed husband now draining the pool & digging it up? My money's on a dead child. Why are there two blokes on the scene with shifty looking eyes? I reckon they're cops and they're out to bust the wheeling & dealing business dude for some dodgy dealing. Ah, speculation...

Will Lost vindicate Seven's decision to kick off its main drawcards before the other networks? Will Aussies give a toss whether the crash survivors can outlast the elements and the mysterious monsters? Will it suck people in by only giving us glimpses of these giant growling terrors? I expect so.

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Posted by Dean @ 2/03/2005 09:12:00 pm

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