Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Weekend Update

[] Farewell Chateau Bartonia, hello Pat...

Just another pub session 3/3 TJ's Housecooling Party 10/11 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 6/7


Friday Night

Just another pub session 1/3 Just another pub session 2/3 Just another pub session 3/3

Arrived at the pub to find that the boys were already going through the Beer book and taste-testing each of the international beers that the pub stocked. I got into a Grolsch and a Hoegaarden, but then had to walk over to Barton for a housecooling party. With Gen posted to Paris & TJ moving in with Eliza, it was time to farewell Chateau Bartonia.

TJ's Housecooling Party 4/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 5/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 6/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 7/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 8/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 9/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 10/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 11/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 1/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 2/11 TJ's Housecooling Party 3/11

The place was jumping. The hosts had asked me to put together a mix or two for the night, and I've got to say it's a damn good feeling when party-people yelled and got up on the dancefloor as each song transitioned in. For the first time ever, TJ didn't split his pants during his traditional party performance.

After the party, I returned to the pub and found the boys still making their way through the beer book.


Unfortunately, that warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done does nothing in the way of protection from a hangover. Saturday morning I picked up some photos & frames for the engagement presents and stopped in for a hot breakfast at one of the cafes down in Green Square. It took me an hour to eat it.

After a quick trip to the nerd market for CD-Rs & covers, a nap in front of Master and Commander and a quick visit from the new housemate, it was off to Liv & Pat's engagement party up in the dizzying heights of maze-like Ngunnawal (about as far north as you can go in Canberra, yet only 20 minutes drive).

Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 1/7 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 2/7 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 3/7 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 4/7 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 5/7 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 6/7 Liv & Pat's Engagement Party 7/7

It was another good party with old friends & new, a few speeches and some damn good spit-roast action.


Paul & I walked out to Fyshwick, both to get some exercise & to check on washing machine prices.

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Posted by Dean @ 2/06/2005 05:14:00 pm

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hey good TJ dance montage. was that all manual or does your digi have an automatic rapid fire mode?

Posted by Blogger c @ Sunday, February 06, 2005 7:51:00 pm #

Neither. I used Picasa's Collage tool. You just select the pictures you want & tell Picasa to generate a picture grid. You don't get too much control, but it generally does a good job of it.

Posted by Blogger Dean @ Monday, February 07, 2005 3:26:00 pm #
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