Saturday, April 16, 2005

Diana Krall at the Royal Theatre, Canberra

It was a tough choice tonight; there was a Knights game and the Brumbies/Warratahs game, but if Diana Krall is the girl in the other room, that's the room I want to be in. On tour to promote her latest album, The Girl in the Other Room, Krall played Canberra's Royal Theatre tonight.

Mark Sholtez, a Brisbane boy about to release his first album on the Verve label later this year, kicked off the show. Judging by the songs he played, I'd pitch him as a bit to the jazzier side of John Mayer; perhaps Mayer with a hint of Jamie Cullum or Lior. His jazz arrangement of U2's All I Want Is You was the only cover he performed. Krall mentioned during the show that it was Sholtez' birthday today; touring with Krall would be pretty good present I reckon.

After intermission, Krall kicked off her set with I Love Being Here With You. That, along with 'Deed I Do and wrapping up with Devil May Care presented Krall, Anthony Wilson (with light-speed fast fingers) on guitar, Robert Hurst on bass and Karriem Riggins on drums with some excellent opportunities to go nuts during solos.

The rest of the night was devoted to material from The Girl in the Other Room, most of which that Krall wrote with her husband, Elvis Costello. The stand-out of these, for me, was Krall's version of Tom Waits' Temptation. Someone in the crowd called out for Almost Blue when Krall returned to the stage for a solo encore. Sucks to be the people who left prematurely.

If you're in Sydney or Brisbane & are still trying to decide whether to go or not, go get some tickets. We need to encourage acts like Krall to keep touring down here.

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Posted by Dean @ 4/16/2005 11:33:00 pm

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Yo. Cheese On Toast in the third Friday of each month, which makes the next one on the 20th May. Come.

Is there going to be another blogger meet up soon? I be sad I missed the last one, even though I am but an LJ slacker these days..

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Tuesday, April 26, 2005 1:32:00 am #

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