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Mecca Bah, Canberra

Mecca Bah, Canberra
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Last night Melinda & I went to dinner to celebrate a successful exam and the imminent start of a new job. We hit Mecca Bah* in Manuka. It's only been open eight weeks, but we'd both heard good things about it.

We weren't disappointed. It was a very quiet night, so the staff were very attentive (one almost too much**) and were all willing to make recommendations. We went along with some of them, and the food & drinks flowed out of the kitchen pretty quickly.

The food is all middle eastern, and the wines are generally sold by the bottle (no BYO). It was all delicious and there wasn't too little nor too much. We started with some sweet potato felafels and a beetroot & rocket salad; the felafels were good, but the salad was awesome. For mains we went with the swordfish. Those three dishes left just enough room for ice cream. Turkish coffee, baked apple (tastes like apple pie) and strawberry - phwoar. I'll skip the strawberry next time & go for another scoop of turkish coffee, it's so good.

Mecca Bah has a no bookings policy, but they do have a special room that you can book for bigger groups; it's on my shortlist of birthday dinner venues.

Final word - top choice for a relaxing night out.

* - Unfortunately, contrary to previous assumptions and discussions, there were no giant pork-wielding robots present.
** - Old Filthy's regulars will know who I mean.

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