Monday, August 07, 2006

Christmas in July in August

Christmas in July in August
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On to something much happier. On Saturday night the crew once again frocked up for the second annual event (the first being New Years Eve) where we throw caution to the wind and attempt to replace all of our blood with alcohol spend a special christmas event with our urban family.

This year the organising committee did another outstanding job with plenty of food, drink and merriment to go around. There was a tree and gifts (secret Santa brought me a first aid book and a Chilean soccer jersey, which - being red - should come in handy).

I filled my camera to capacity. While many of the photos will never be shown to anyone who wasn't there without substantial editing, many were good and will appear in a flickr set in batches over the next couple of days.

UPDATE 10 AUG 06: All 79 decent photos are now up on Flickr (some are Friends & Family Only though).

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