Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can't Buy Taste

In via email:

oh my lord, whoever said money can't buy taste sure was right.
check out this house in Palmerston, for $670,000.

complete with fake zebra sitting in the entrance to the dining 'area'
which is separated from the lounge mind you, by a hip high white balustrading, and matching ceiling balustrading ??
a study with a coffee table shaped to look like oversized books stacked on top of each other..
an entry hall that beggars belief, really you have to look at it, i cant describe it...
a family room with cane furniture and boisterous floral patterned cushions, and a dolls house, set off by a deep pink wall and 18th century floor tiling pattern
I dont event want to mention the window furnishings, but lets just say peach gathered satin with bows and leave it at that
a master bedroom that no man would be seen dead inside, plus ensuite with floral curtains and clothes hamper to match the atrocity in the master bedroom
a rumpus which looks like it came straight out of a circus nightmare

My eyes!

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Posted by Dean @ 3/01/2007 11:32:00 pm

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