Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Secure Your Networks, Canberra: This Nerd Wants Your Files

(Ahem, sorry; for a second there I was channelling a Daily Terrorgraph sub - more likely he just wanted to use bandwidth or was just checking out networks for the hell of it.)

Where are the wireless networks? Found one!

This guy was wardriving on the #38 bus this afternoon. For the 30 minutes I sat behind him, he had his laptop searching for wireless networks through Campbell, Kings Ave, Barton and Kingston (suspiciously he was refreshing furiously when passing AG's and PM&C...). The majority he found were secured with WPA, but a few were wide open. The good news is that I didn't see him piggyback (use the open networks) or capture packets.

If you've got wireless networking on your modem/router, you can make your network less attractive to people like this:


Posted by Dean @ 3/06/2007 06:40:00 pm

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