Thursday, May 17, 2007

Do Not Touch The Moose, Eh

16 May 07 - 1635l

Ottawa is buzzing this afternoon and wearing red is the order of the day. With only two and a half hours before the next eastern conference playoff hockey game between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa's own Senators, the small part of town I've seen so far is awash with Senators jerseys, tshirts, scarves etc etc. It's a best of seven series & so far Ottawa leads Buffalo three to nil, so tonight's game is pretty important.

There are no tickets left (scalpers tickets for the worst seats start at $200), so I'm heading to a local sports bar to watch the game & grab a feed, decked out in my new Senators gear. It'll be interesting to see how passionate home town supporters get here; we saw last weekends games down in Florida and the locals there were all wearing Sabres colours and they were really getting into the game more than I expected given the Sabres aren't a local team, but maybe that's just how the Americans do it when it comes to American vs Canadian competitions.


Posted by Dean @ 5/17/2007 06:32:00 am

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