Thursday, September 20, 2001

Tragedy + Time = Comedy, so wrote Woody Allen.

Well, it's one week on and the first jokes are appearing. Some are graphical (various reconstructions of the WTC) while others are narrative. The Aussie satirical paper The Chaser(of which I'm a subscriber) ran a couple of headlines. Many Americans were not impressed.

While a tad premature, the kids over at The Chaser did have a good point with their "CNN Anchor Pads For 18 Hours" piece; Channel Nine really annoyed me when they bumped the season final of The West Wing for a "One Week On..." special late night news hour - and then to follow that with Spin City, gimme a break...pity Canberra's not a city that matters in the ratings.

Todays Thankyou's go out to Ms S for pledging her help with a last minute editorial job on a very important (so of course last minute) job application and to Mother Nature for todays fantasic weather in Canberra. I went for a walk around the lake today after work & not only did I not freeze my butt off, there were lots of nice things to look at.

Posted by Dean @ 9/20/2001 12:25:00 am

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