Friday, December 13, 2002


After agreeing to do the weekend breakfast thing, I woke TJ with a 10am call and we walked down to the Reconciliation skatebowl to The Watermark for a feed, and a good feed it was too; I even ate the blood pudding.

Nutrionally fortified for the day ahead, we embarked on a material acquisition mission to the tracksuit-infested Woden shopping centre. TJ picked up a folding chair - and purchased it - while I found new love in the form of a CD burner that has brought much joy in the week that has followed.

Saturday night was spent in the excellent company of my northside crew. I blew off Cardinal Cin's birthday for the Downer gathering because we'd just found out that week that Alex was being posted to Moscow and we had to celebrate that. Once the sun headed west and all of the food was eaten we moved inside for non-violent occupation of the lounge and beanbags therein for a late screening of High Fidelity.

Posted by Dean @ 12/13/2002 10:12:00 am

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