Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Stop it or you'll go blind

[Health] So it turns out it's our own fault. A pair of Aussie researchers are pointing the finger at lifestyle, rather than genes, as the cause of myopia according to this New Scientist report.

Posted by Dean @ 7/13/2004 08:06:00 pm

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I knew it!! As we use computers more and more, our sight gets worse and worse.

But that's unbelievable that 80% of 18 yr old male recruits in the Singoporean army are myopic!

I've often wondered whether more and more people in the world are wearing glasses.
I bet those Laser Surgery clinics are rubbing their hands

Posted by Blogger Mick @ Wednesday, July 14, 2004 11:18:00 am #

I wear glasses, and have been myopic since I was about 18! I tend to agree, I was pretty bookish and computer-ish as a teen, so that might have been it. As for laser surgery, I'd get it except for the fact that I'm a pussy and I've heard it doesn't work 100 % - a lot of people still have to wear glasses.

Posted by Blogger Matty @ Thursday, July 15, 2004 11:34:00 am #

I've had glasses since I was about 16, but now (since January 04) I have contacts that I wear about 80% of the time. If they can develop a non-invasive surgery I think I'd go for it. I don't like the idea of the eyeball slicing and the risks of all the bad stuff that can happen if that slice isn't folded back up correctly. My optometrist wouldn't go for it, but I guess she's got a vested interest in keeping me buying contacts every three months.

If you haven't tried contacts, give them a go - it's a whole new world without glasses & I love it.

Posted by Blogger Dean @ Thursday, July 15, 2004 11:56:00 am #
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