Saturday, November 27, 2004

JB You've Done It Again

[Music] Warning: Story may induce stress, frustration in Impact Records devotees.

Last Friday after work I hit Civic on a music hunt, partially to feed my CD addiction, partially to get music for T-bone & Cheese's wedding reception; the punters want pop so pop they shall get. And what's one of the poppiest releases available at the moment? I wandered between stores to check the prices for Britney Spears' My Perogative (her 'Best of').

"Cheapest prices, best brands ... all at convenient locations."

"Drop in and visit your nearest JB Hi-Fi store and let our trained staff help you explore and choose from an exciting range of Television and Home Theatre products."

JB Hi-Fi's introductory blurb
But will the nice people at JB help me explore the racks of CDs? While I was exploring them I noticed that if you pick up My Perogative from the rack above the singles section it'll set you back $20, but if you grab it from Ms Spears' section in the alphabetised racks it's $27. What gives? These are identical packages, nothing extra for the $7, I compared them. I expect to see a few dollars difference between stores, but not between different racks in one store.

While I'm not a gambling man (apart from music), I'd bet that if you took the $27 copy to the counter the person taking your money wouldn't tell you to put it back & get the $20 one. So what's JB's up to; sloppy labelling, or actively trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of whatever buying demographic that goes straight to the alphabetised section? Ockham's Razor would say the former, what say you?

Posted by Dean @ 11/27/2004 06:36:00 am

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