Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas from Brisbane

Merry Christmas from Brisbane
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Flew up Tuesday night. As expected was greeted with the wet warm blanket sensation that you only get with high humidity. Been doing gift shopping most of the time which has thankfully kept me in shopping centres and out of the heat. When at home, I choose to stay in the pool.

Some highlights:

- Saw King Kong (pretty cool; see it on the big screen).
- Celebrated the old man's birthday at Oyama; a teppanyaki restaurant in the Valley. Caught every bit of food hurled my way, but there was so much of it. Here's a teppanyaki tip; don't eat a big lunch beforehand.
- Hit the Elephant & Wheelbarrow after dinner, then the Royal George with an old schoolmate. Saw & had a beer with Damo from Canberra; it's a small world.

Teppanyaki Feast

Saturday (Christmas Eve)
- BBQ and a couple of games of pool at my sister & brother-in-law's place.

Christmas Eve at Matt & Eve's Place

Sunday (Christmas)
- Traditional family day. Presents exchanged once everybody's awake (to House of Pain's Jump Around no less; Diana Krall's Christmas Songs kinda loses relevance - especially Winter Wonderland - when the temperature's climbing into the 30s by 9am ), then big breakfast feast.

Christmas in Brisbane 05

This year there was an addition to the day in the form of an all-afternoon lunch/dinner with an Aunt & Uncle in Bardon. Again, fed to the point of bloating.

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