Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bexta at Academy

Bexta at Academy
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Added 4 Dec 05: When did Academy start attracting the Angry Pisshead crowd to dance album launches? At the invitation of Annachop & Brenty, I went to Academy on Friday night to jump around a bit. As it turned out the music didn't quite get a hook into my jump-around place, but I was happy enough kicking back with a few drinks, telling A&B dirty jokes and watching the assembled bounce around in worship of Bexta at the alter of the decks. Well, some of the assembled.

People bounced up on stage, people bounced in the pit, but up by the bar and around the couches a different demographic seemed to be gathering. Guys. Big guys. Big bourbon & coke-swilling, footy-playing type guys, and their chain-smoking molls. Some old, some young, all angry. At different times Brenty & I were both told to move from our spot on one of the couches. Not asked, told. He moved, I declined. Thankfully the point wasn't pushed; I wasn't having a good-enough time worthy of being beaten-up over.

I don't get it; why spend $15 at the door if you're not into the act? You can sink piss anywhere. It can't just be the meat/meet-market aspect; the angriest guys seemed to be the ones already with the chain-smoking molls (maybe it was a defensive thing?).

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