Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New York City - Part 2

21 May 07 - 1730h

Wow, what a day! Walked from 106th St all the way down to 23rd St.

Met one pair of Aussies over breakfast who in turn introduced me to a trio of aussie students on exchange here who were just about to set off on a walk of Central Park with a group, so I joined them. We walked through the northern part of the park (didn't venture below the reservoir) from the upper west side to the upper east side. That didn't take too long and was a really good introduction to the park. I'll be heading back in before the weeks out; I'm thinking I'll go down to Columbus Circle and rent a bike and ride through the park.

Afterwards the trio and I walked down 5th Ave, ducking in & out of the park, finding the zoo by accident. Can you believe there's a polar bear in the middle of NYC? Once we cleared the southern end of the park we wandered by all of the uber-expensive looking boutiques (found Jimmy Choo girls) explored a bunch of the more interesting shops like the Sharper Image gadgetarium and the massive Nintendo World, all the while cutting across towards Times Square.

Times Square was chock full of street vendors trying to flog us tickets to a 'very special' Comedy Central show; about half a dozen tried in as many metres. The only one that got our attention was one girl giving away tickets to tonight's Letterman show, but we didn't take her up on it because the plan is to head up to Yankee Stadium in about an hour.

The next few hours were spent walking down 8th Ave, ducking in and out of shops. By the time we reached 23rd St we'd be walking for about 6 hours, so we jumped on the subway uptown. Going to sit down for the next 45 mins or so, then head up to the baseball!

I'll start getting some photos up on flickr as soon as the single net terminal here with the card reader isn't constantly busy, or if I can bribe someone to burn a DVD of images for me that I can use in another machine. For a country that invented the internet, it's surprisingly hard to get online here.


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