Tuesday, September 25, 2001

According to the Sofcom TV Guide, The West Wing that was meant to be on last week is on tonight! Hurrah!

I think I'll be hitting the sack pretty soon after that; this headcold isn't getting any better & me staying up last night trying to figure out how to put a hit counter & notify button on this site probably didn't help. I'm now annoyed to find the hit counter site down, so if anyone knows of a decent hit counter service please email me with the details.

Emergency Control training went well today; it's scary to find out just how little time it takes for something small to get out of hand. Spent the afternoon trying to figure out the new direction my project took while I was away during the morning...

Looking forward...

What to do this weekend? Hmm, D1 & K1 will be away, so I'll have the apartment to myself. I wonder if everyone else is going away?

Posted by Dean @ 9/25/2001 08:04:00 pm

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