Monday, September 24, 2001


Monday ... I don't know whether it was the D1/K1 bug, the dust from yesterdays cleaning or the fact that I left my bedroom window open overnight, but I now have a headcold. I know it's not monday-itis as I usually dont get that. Work is an adventure; we hardly know what we're doing one week to the next! This probably isn't the best way to start a new job or try & concentrate during fire warden training. On the bright side, after the S11 events people are really going to move when we have evac drills.

Read today that CIA once had a project called Acoustic Kitty. They tried to turn cats into listening device platforms. Unfortunately the first mission ended when the cat was run over by a taxi.

For more on the hunt for terrorists, visit The Daily Probe.

Posted by Dean @ 9/24/2001 09:07:00 pm

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