Monday, September 24, 2001

In Retrospect


Got some good, hot off the press, news regarding my project at work; spent most of the day preparing the response to go to the Secretary. Had a pretty good morning tea with the whole branch; we'd been working hard all week, so one of the other sections organised a small reward.

Walked home & then went to the gym with Ms S. On the walk home we decided we needed to do something, but not the farewell dinner for one of the guys in the complex. We ended up trying out the Minque Dynasty Noodle Bar in Manuka ('twas great), a vanilla latte at Starbucks, then off to the pub.


D1, K1, Ms S & I headed down to Woden shopping centre & wandered around looking at things we shouldn't be spending money on. I checked out some new Globes I've got my eye on (red/grey Chet Thomas IV's), a bike helmet & pump and CD's, but deferred all but the CD purchase (Robbie Williams "Sing When You're Winning").

Spent the afternoon & evening over at M1's place barbequeing now that warmer weather has arrived in Canberra. All was going well until the Tandoori Nerve Gas hit us; you know you've used too much tandoori powder when everyone in an open-air environment can't stop coughing. Drowning the finished product in raita did the trick though. Reluctant to fight tradition, we hit the pub to continue the party.

Congratulations go out to T1 & A1 for shocking the Filthy's crowd with a female-on-male tabletop show at 8.30pm. Congrats also to the girl who proved that one doesn't have to act like a lady despite putting in a lot of effort to appear as one (you know who you are belch-girl).


Up early to buy bacon, pancake mix and orange juice for the recovery breakfast back at M1's place. We ate, drank & played Scrabble, but never made it to Petanque. Afterwards D1 & I headed out to Fyshwick to look at a repossession sale & came home & cleaned like we've never cleaned before (not counting cleaning for house inspections).

Satisfied with our work we returned to recreational activities. I had realised earlier in the week that I now owned every Jamiroquai album, so I made up a "Best of... 1993-2001" tape. I've got to say, it's pretty good.

Posted by Dean @ 9/24/2001 08:26:00 pm

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