Monday, October 22, 2001

Back to work today. It was a bit of a struggle getting my brain rewired for corporate governance and databases. Almost dozed off at my desk just after lunch.

Came close to asking the current crush out before the rational part of my brain kicked in again & I thought better of it.

Over dinner we decided that we'd be having our belated housewarming on Nov 10. It's going to be a "Come as something starting with D" things.

A not quite usual day, but it's all ok because the always-seductive Kylie is on in about an hour. Joy.

Got a thankyou note from someone whose blog I've added to my list of local Canberra weblogs, which was pretty good considering I've linked to a number of them & got bugger all responses & even less links back. No, this doesn't mean anything; I don't do this as some sort of blog community popularity contest, it's just something I realised when the e-mail came in today. If you're wondering, I do this because I'm so bad at keeping touch with extended family (who're scattered all over the world); if they want to know what I've been up to they can look & see, and it's a sort of 'teach yourself html' project. A couple of people at work find it a bit quirky; I think it's funny (and at the same time a bit sad) that the people knocking this hobby have none of their own (if you don't count drinking).

Looking forward:

Only Monday & we're looking forward to the weekend: Oktoberfest and the vampire-dress-up farewell party for M1. Have a few ideas for a costume, but have to visit the costume shop down the street to see what they have.

This weeks 'Must-See Movie' is the 1980 Kubrick classic "The Shining". Here's Jack!

Posted by Dean @ 10/22/2001 09:07:00 pm

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