Saturday, December 15, 2001

By association

I now hear the theme from Heartbreak High every time my housemate comes home.

Why? Because every Saturday I get up, go into the lounge and put Rage on so I have some background music while I check all the 'blogs I don't read during the week, do my Friday Five and wander around the web for a while. When Rage finishes Heartbreak High starts and, as if on cue, D1 and K1 return to the unit, after presumably spending the night at her place. Ironic that the theme from a show he hates will be his theme in my head from now on.

More meta-blogging links

Blogger Insider looks like an interesting meme, but I'm not going to get involved until January when I'm back from holidays.

Keep Trying is another interesting site examining the recent 'blogging phenomena. There's some writing there on like-minded linking and civil disagreement; my links are location-based - I'm interested in how people experience the same place differently. I like reading blogs and community sites (like Metafilter and Plastic) to read different opinions and perspectives about life, the world, news and current events, regardless of whether my views are expressed there or not.

Posted by Dean @ 12/15/2001 11:51:00 am

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