Friday, December 28, 2001

Holidays - Day 10

It's hot today, but not as hot as the last few. We packed up the apartment and did some cleaning before hitting the beach for one last dip in the Sunshine Coast sea. We've arrived home & I've called up the cinemas about Gold Class tickets to LOTR, but it's booked out until next tuesday...

Holidays - Day 9

Lazed the morning away, then in the afternoon went up to Noosa - dull if you're not shopping.

Holidays - Day 8

Went for a paddle on a surf ski in the morning, then up to Marcoola to meet up with my sisters at the surf club for lunch. Opted to head straight for Sunshine Plaza - the local mall - to have a look at the "sales" and came away empty handed (nothing there worth the prices they were asking).

Holidays - Day 7

Christmas day! Up late, opened the pressies & then lay around the apartment all day reading and dozing (it was so hot, but the apartment caught a cool sea breeze).

Posted by Dean @ 12/28/2001 02:49:00 pm

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