Saturday, December 29, 2001

Holidays - Day 11

Ah, cable television. I thought I'd quickly drop back into my old habit of lazing around the lounge until 12, watching The Simpsons marathon on Fox, drinking tea, eating vegemite on toast and reading the saturday paper. I did, sort of, but this time around there was more channel surfing between channels 8, 2 and 15 (the latter two airing Rage and Jabba's Morning Glory respectively). One thing I'd forgotten since moving south was that Fox airs full episodes of The Simpsons, not the truncated-for-syndication versions that Ten broadcasts, which means you can rewatch eps that you've seen a million times before & still see something new. Bravo!

So now I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do. Do I have a BBQ or do I laze around the house reading HP #4 and Bill Bryson's Down Under? Why do I always have to the social organiser? Why do I always have to be the host? I'll let you know...

Holidays - Day 10 (continued)

I headed into the city in the afternoon looking for one of those video adapter thingys (little handycam tape in regular VHS tape) so that the family could watch the videos of a couple of parties we'd hosted. The closest thing I found took VHS-C (not 8mm) and cost $54! My uncle was supposed to copy the small tapes to regular VHS but hadn't got around to it, and as he's overseas for a couple of weeks I decided to go over there & get the tapes & figure the rest out later. My new plan is to take the tapes back to Canberra, join up at PhotoAccess and learn a bit about video transfer & editing.

Disappointed with my shopping mission failure and annoyed by the crowds at the "sales" I made my way down to the bus station and shot out Sunnybank way to Cybergames, which is a network games place an old highschool friend owns. After a few hours of Counterstrike, a couple of us headed to the R.E. Despite hearing several stories of old friends being regulars there now, and knowing more than a couple of current and ex- UQ people (those most likely to be there), I didn't run into anyone I knew. After sharing a jug of XXXX I decided to call it a night as I was feeling hot & tired; I was home & asleep by 11:30pm - the humidity here really takes it out of you...

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