Thursday, December 20, 2001

Holidays Day 2 (continued)

Jumped on the bus into town; the RBH is getting closer to completion, and the new bypasses seem to relieve some of the congestion at the intersection of Bowen Bridge Rd and Herston Rd/Gilcrest Ave.

Spotted a few new things in the Valley, will have to head in there & have a wander around & explore.

In town - did a few chores then had lunch with a mate at Auroras then checked out what had changed & what hadn't:
- The crappy cinemas in the bottom of the Myer Centre have gone; there are brand-spanking-new ones up on the top level now (the rollercoaster has gone), and there's one of those mini-Coles downstairs.
- The Record Market is now The Music Shop (or something like that), but the second-hand goldmine downstairs is still the same (and they do DVD's now).
- Brisbane now has a Mambo shop.
- There're a lot of new streetside cafes.
- Most of the newsagents in the CBD aren't where they used to be.
- Skatebiz still rocks.
- There're a couple of new 'net cafes around too.

Came home, went for a dip & decided to add a few things to the sidebar...

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Posted by Dean @ 12/20/2001 08:18:00 pm

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