Saturday, December 08, 2001

My Friday Five

1. If you were to go to a movie this weekend, which one would you pick?

Probably American Pie 2, not that I really have to see it, but if someone were paying I'd go along otherwise I'd wait for rental while I hold off for Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring on Boxing Day.

2. What movie would you like to rent this weekend?

I think I'm in the mood for an adventure flick, so maybe one of the Indiana Jones movies or The Mummy, which I haven't seen yet.

3. What one TV show do you always try to watch?

The West Wing

4. If you (and your S.O.) were cool with it, what five celebrities (at the most) would it be 'ok' for you to have a fling with?

Liz Hurley, Nigella Lawson, Angelina Jolie (as long as she put on the english accent ala Tomb Raider), Jennifer Lopez (pretty damn good in Out of Sight) and Jeri Ryan... and seeing as I'm hopeless choosing, I'd also include Lucy Liu.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?

Have to do a bit of cleaning around the place, read a bit, maybe go hang out with the girls this afternoon. I'm just seeing what comes along.

Last night's J2 birthday bash wasn't as big as I thought; it may well have become big after I left, but I haven't heard any reports yet. We hit PJ's (in town) but couldn't get anywhere to sit down because of all the christmas parties that were on. It was really good cathching up with M2, G1 and TJ as I haven't seen 'em in ages; looks like there could be a catch-up dinner on this week before everyone disappears west and north for christmas. The Bartonia trio are off to Melbourne today for a wedding reception tonight the luckly so'n'so's... wish I was flying to Mlebourne for a fun weekend...

We had dinner at a pretty good italian place a few doors down then met up with a couple of the guys who'd been at a christmas party. The group decided to follow them back to In Blue. I came in, had a look around, saw a lot of the grads from work & decided to come home.

Consequently I'm not tired or hungover & am completely free to take advantage of any weekend whim. Hurrah!


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