Sunday, December 02, 2001

On pinging

Remember how the aussie bloggers site used to have the "latest updated" list? It took its' feed from that checked when the blogs in its' registry were updated. changed that around so it's not automatic anymore - you have to include some PHP script or some such to tell them that your site has been updated. The manual way is to fill out the form and submit it (or be lazy, fill it out once & bookmark it).

Once you've done that, all the sites that take their update feeds from (blogdex, daypop, yaydir etc) will know when to come visit your site & can tell everyone else.

(Yet More) On Potter

It's unusual to find a companion site to a tv show place the full transcripts of a show online before it has gone to air. I don't watch much tv on the weekends besides Rage and occasionally some of those extreme sports shows on Ten, but I always try and catch Sunday. In 120 minutes (incl ad breaks) I get to catch up on the weeks real news (compared to all the quirky stuff flying around the 'net), watch (usually) interesting feature and Arts pieces, get a fairly good idea of the major stories for the week (domestic media takes much guidance from Sunday), and get to add to my "Must get around to seeing" film list, thanks to Peter Thompson.

I really like how Peter Thompson reviews films. Avoiding binary judgement of 'good' or 'bad', he outlines themes and background production info, shows a few key scenes (usually different from the scenes obviously included in the PR packs that everyone else airs) and asks some key people involved in the production some insightful, non-cliched questions (I don't think he's ever asked anyone if they enjoyed making the film). Best of all, he tells us how the film made him feel.

This week he looks at Harry Potter. If you read this in time the film review usually airs at 10:45am. I encourage you to tune in.

Sixty Minutes looked at HP a few weeks ago. Here's what a couple of "key demographic" people thought.

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