Tuesday, January 08, 2002

It's amazing how long the day drags on when you've only had four hours good sleep. I kept waking up all night; was listening to the summer fill-in presenter on local ABC radio talking to truckies about what loads they were carrying & what their destinations were at 3am! Argh...

Forgetting about starting new years exercise routine today - need sleep ...

It's on again!

The Red Cross D & D Ball is on again. This year it's on 16 Feb, so if you're out on that night that's why everyone's in black tie.

I went with a group of friends last year & it was heaps of fun. The only people who looked miserable or desperate were the ones who took it seriously; it's all a big joke for charity - so think about going.

Posted by Dean @ 1/08/2002 08:53:00 pm

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