Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Oh I've been a very angry boy over the last few days...

Things were really getting to me, and I've realised now I've probably gone a bit far with it all. I'd like to thank y'all for letting me vent - especially Ms S, Lou, Kat & Chris, and my workmates Cathy, Kylie, James & Libby.

I'm going to try sleeping without painkillers tonight to try and get some quality sleep. If I don't the new graduate who started today may witness, or be victim of, something very ugly very soon.

Hand Update

Dragged myself out of bed & managed to get to the Doctor by 8am. The first six stitches came out really easily and painless; the last two, however, were in the very sensitive part of the hand (closest to the palm) and they really hurt.

The good news is I no longer have to put a plastic bag on my hand to shower. When I got to work I went directly to the bathroom and washed my hand good, because frankly it was beginning to smell.

The bad news is I have to use the sling for at least another week, so if any of you come to In Blue to meet up next friday after work, look for me with the white sling.

Link news

Marc has now joined the side bar, and Matt has moved. This is the funkiest clock I've ever seen - someone emailed to me at work today and I just had to show y'all.

Posted by Dean @ 2/13/2002 08:33:00 pm

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