Saturday, February 16, 2002

Time for a bit of a retrospective

Thursday Night

The Valentines Day singles dinner at Ms S's place was a huge success. It was a meeting of groups; Cinthia, Kylie and Tyson from my work, Louise from my complex, her friend Olivia and Ms S's friend from work Leanna. Wine flowed and pasta and salads were served out, then things really fired up when it came out that Cinthia, Tyson and Louise all came from South Australia and that Cinthia, Olivia and Tyson all spoke spanish. Conversation was criss-crossing the table at a million miles an hour and I don't remember laughing so hard or so much for ages. And of course, we concluded the night at the pub.


Again I refrained from killing the graduate. I went to the chiropractor at lunch & that helped quite a bit. The re-org has begun to be implemented, so we spent the last part of the day sitting talking about roles & responsibilities, division of tasks, recruiting and learning opportunities for the graduate.

Became quite concerned at the end of the day when the grad asked how to shut down his PC, so I now suspect he's had it up & running and unlocked for the last three days & is very lucky that security didn't leave a nice pink Security Breach notice on his desk.

Became annoyed by a chain of emails querying something that was dealt with last week while I was away and were in a very accusatory tone. I don't care who you work to; a PA is still only a PA and I will not be talked down to by one, so a few 'bugger off this was done last week' messages are going out Monday morning. I don't need that shit last thing on a Friday arvo.

Met Ms S on the bus home & we headed down to Woden for a bit of shopping & quick Subway dinner. She got all arts'n'crafty with felt-tip pens, cardboard, glitter etc. I wandered around looking at home phones (Dave took his cordless away, along with the kettle I've just discovered) and clothes and shoes I can't afford but really want.

Came home & cleaned up a bit (prospective new housemates coming today), then, inevitably, went to the pub. I had a good time with a few lemon, lime & bitters, music, people watching and chatting with friends. My newest friend Olly came along too & everyone was very pleased to meet him. Oliver was the only guy who came to my aid when I called out on the the Sydney train; it's a freaky small world thing that he works where I work & lives in Kingston too!

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