Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Bad Timing

I was all set for this weeks dinner for Mel, but because I didn't hear anything, and because Angela got us a dining table, I offered to do the first dinner tomorrow night, and that's when the blogger dinner's been organised for, so I can't go. I do, however, have to suggest that the group avoid Montezuma's; I've been there twice & got shocking service and dodgy food.

Speaking of which, after reading yesterdays rant, Ms S sent me a link to Not Good Enough.

Maybe I was naive when I believed the girl at the Thai shop when she said "20 minutes", maybe there's some sort of snooty restaurant time tax I didn't know about, maybe she just lied (and why not, everyone else is doing it at the moment).

Must See Movies!

This weeks picture is Silence of the Lambs. I'm also going to continue the Oscar-winning run this weekend with Ghandi and the original Rocky. I also hope to go to the cinemas and see Lord of the Rings again and hopefully Gosford Park and Black Hawk Down.

Posted by Dean @ 3/26/2002 07:46:00 pm

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